How to save electricity with your household appliances

How to save electricity with your household appliances

We use household appliances every day. They help us a lot to ease our work both in the house and at work. How can we use them efficiently when using any electricity that is worthy of use, no power is wasted. With that in mind, we not only save money in our pockets but help save power, as we all know that there is a continuous energy crisis. We should take part in this, we can do something and we can start it at home.

Lets examine some common appliances and appliances that are common for a regular household.

TV: I think a large proportion of people own a TV. When not using it, unplug it completely from the wall outlet or from the wall outlet. Modern televisions are already remotely controlled. When not in use, these televisions still have minimal power so they can operate their digital controllers. If this is not taken care of, this will significantly increase its power consumption. Keep in mind that all big things start small. Especially if you have large televisions or conventional CRT-based. If you have any budget that you can save or maybe you plan to buy a new one, consider replacing your CRT-based TVs with the newer and less power-demanding new LCD and LED TVs.

Fridge: One of the indispensable appliances at home. It preserves food and gives freshness to the fruits and vegetables. Sure, it can cool, but if you put warm food to storage, let it cool to room temperature, save some extra power, as if you have frozen foods, take them out sometime before the meal so that it can thaw itself, which saves you turn on the oven for reheating. If you are planning to buy a new refrigerator, look for one that has a good EFR (Energy Efficiency Ratio). Usually governments are urging manufacturers to manufacture appliances that are energy-saving.

Air Conditioning: My favorite device when Im at home and while the temperature outside is hot. Initially, you can set high settings so that it can cool down quickly in the room and set it to medium or low when the temperature inside falls to an acceptable level. Make sure you clean the filter regularly and check if the thermostat works properly to allow the compressor to shut down when it reaches the set temperature. Likewise, same with the fridge, if you plan to buy a new one, choose it with good EFR. By the way, this ERD item is published on the device specifications.

Bulbs: Most houses now use CFL (Compact Florescent Light) and it is a good choice of lighting fixtures. These are low consumption requirements compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, lasting longer and much lighter.

Computer: Computers are intelligent devices, only if the user uses it intelligently. If you have an older computer, consider upgrading. Modern data processors like the Intel Core2Duo series and AMD Athlon X2 series support smart and automatic power saving. Also consider using an LCD monitor or an LED monitor, not just space shields, it also has low power consumption. A typical 17 inch LCD or LED display can consume 25 watts to 40 watts compared to a 17 inch CRT display that usually consumes 80 watts upwards depending on how detailed graphics are displayed. If you are the kind of person who has a lot of work and have plenty of windows open at the same time, you can shut down your computer more often to open your applications, instead, instead.

Washing machines: When using the washing machine, make sure you have a lot of clothes to wash. Its a good idea to wash them in this way, thus saving your conscious energy.

These some of the recommended uses for these devices. Also read the manufacturers manual, which can show you some more advanced tips to save electricity. Remember the things above you should do above and in the long run you may not be aware that you already save not only power without money as well. Some of the tips above might be hard to do for the first time, but constantly persistent will do everything automatically to you. Print and post reminders for these tips about parts of your house. Whats always repeated becomes a habit.

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